Mr. Tavit came to this area from New York City many years ago– first as a business owner, and before settling here with his family. When he arrived, he was not happy with the local dry cleaning options. Most of the dry cleaners were using a chemical called Perc. He wasn’t happy with the “dry cleaning smell” that Perc left on clothes. He was also concerned about health risks that he’d read about. Other cleaners were using hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are a petroleum byproduct made by some oil companies. These can contribute to the spread of greenhouse gasses. At the time, it didn’t feel like there were many good options!
He started his own dry cleaning business. In the early days, we looked into GreenEarth Cleaning. This method uses a silicone-based solvent called D-5, instead of Perc. It leaves behind no toxic residue. But there was a news report on NPR that suggested a possible link between D-5 and other health risks which created some concern.
In 2010, Tavit’s switched to using 100% Professional Wet Cleaning. Wet Cleaning does not use toxins or harsh chemical compounds. Instead, it uses high-tech, computer-controlled machines to clean your clothes. The chemical are non-toxic detergents.
“I have searched long and hard for the healthiest, most effective, most dry cleaning method. I am convinced Wet Cleaning is the best option available”.
From the beginning, we knew we wanted to create a pickup and delivery service that would be a model for mobile dry cleaning in Union, Essex and Morris County. We modeled ourselves after Netflix as opposed to Blockbuster. Why should our customers have to make two trips to the dry cleaner every week? Tavits Dry Cleaners brings your clothes right to your door. We focus on providing the absolute best service in the market, every step of the way. That is the ultimate goal.


Tavits Dry Cleaners has over 10 years in the business. We are the standard for pick-up and delivery mobile dry cleaning in Union and Morris Counties. Today people want a clean and safe environment — especially, what goes on our bodies. Tavits is proud to offer safe, professional cleaning and convenience. Our minimal touch environment friendly cleaning process is best. Join our family of satisfied customers!