Department of Environmental Protection Announces New Rule Requiring Dry Cleaners to Disclose Chemicals Used

percThe NYC Department of Environmental Protection recently enacted regulations for dry cleaners. These regulations require stores to display a sign that lists all chemicals they use to clean customers’ clothes.

It’s a smart move. Customer today are more health-conscious than ever, and we want to make informed decisions about what kinds of chemicals we’re putting in our bodies.

You can read the full article here:

Most dry cleaners use a chemical called “Perc.” While the health risks it causes for the consumer are not yet clear, Perc is known to be hazardous to those who are exposed at high levels, such as dry cleaning employees. The EPA has some commonly-asked questions about Perc here:

Tavits Dry Cleaners never uses Perc. We use 100% Wet Cleaning, a healthier alternative, to clean your clothes. Wet Cleaning is the safest cleaning option out there today. Here is an EPA study comparing Wet Cleaning to Perc: